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Arulmigu Suyambu Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple, Kuchanur

Nearest Temples

Arulmigu Kambaraya Perumal & Arumligu Kasivisvanathar Temple,Cumbam

Thirumangai Azhwar was the ruler of Tirumangai in his early life. He used to feed 1008 Vishnu devotees each day. His riches dried due to this expense and could not continue the charity. He began to rob others to continue his scheme. To make his Vishnu devotion public, Lord appeared before the saint in his wedding attire with Mother and initiated him to the eight lettered – Ashtakshara_mantra – Ohm Namo Narayanana. He became one among the Azhwars – Tirumangai Azhwar.

Website : www.kambaraayaperumaltemple.tnhrce.in

Arulmigu Thirukalatheeswarar Temple,Uthamapalayam

Lord Rajaganapathi blesses the devotees in the temple. Vasthu Bhagwan-the deity responsible for the proper construction of buildings in accordance with rules for safety, peace and prosperity-with His tuft tied upward occupies the centre place in the Rasi Chakra-Zodiac squares-on the upper wall of the front mandap before the Shiva shrine. Above this is a sculpture depicting Lord Brahmma and Mother Ambica worshipping Lord Shiva. A serpent is around them circling. Sun, Moon, Sages Vyakrapada and Patanjali are nearby. Animals related to the 27 stars and symbols of zodiac signs are depicted around Vasthu Bhagwan.

Website : www.thirukalatheeswarartemple.tnhrce.in

Arulmigu Pula Nandeeswarar Temple, Chinnamanur

Copper inscriptions, which are all taken from Chinnamanur in the British period, are available in London museum. Chinnamanur, stands back to a very historic period when the king of Madurai, Thiru. Rajasimeshwaran came to this land. It is a tradition in India where Lord Shiva is worshipped by presenting cow's milk on the Shiva lingam and performing the rituals. King Rajasimeshwaran being no exception had been performing the same kind of rituals. Once when a milkman was bringing milk to the kings place, he was hindered by a root in the ground, which was irregular in shape, almost like a rock. The man fell down spilling all the milk on the root. He continued bringing milk the next day and the same incident took place. This continued for some days together. The man planned to chop down the root and ran an axe over it. The moment he stuck it he found the root bleeding. Immediately after that he was stupefied seeing a long, swift and a luminous light with great intensity from the sky to the land in the same place of the root. The milkman ran to the king and told about the incident which took place in the midway.

Website : www.pulanandeeswarartemple.tnhrce.in

Arulmigu Mandhai Karuppanaswamy Temple, Melur

Arulmigu Mandhai Karuppanaswamy Vellalur is a village deity and he is always found in the outer area of the village. There are no temple like are in this place. The karuppasamy is also in the open area. He is black in colour with weapons like arrow, bow, swords, knives, sickle. He is having a dark moustache and having a weapon. The appearance of the God is very big with Dog, Elephant and House. Here is also tree with Chain and Bells. The Chain is tied with Trees. The main Karuppasamy temple is in Madurai Alagar koil. He is called Pathinettampadi Karuppu. But there is no God in this area. There are a doors with 18 steps. Sickle (Aruval) is the important weapons of this temple. Once in a year the village people celebrate the festival to this God.

Website : www.ucharchanpattimandhaikaruppanaswamy.tnhrce.in

Arulmigu Agastheeswarar Temple, Tiruchunai.

Lord Dakshinamurthy with His disciples, Lingodhbavar and Mother Durga grace in the corridor-prakara. There are also shrines for the great four Saivite Saints called Nalvar, Lord Muruga with His consorts Valli and Deivanai and Chandikeswarar.

Website : www.tiruchunaiagatheswarartemple.tnhrce.in

Arulmigu Kalyana Sundareswarar Kamakshi Amman Temple, Melur.

Mother Meenakshi, born as the daughter of devout Malayadwaja Pandya used to play with Her friends (Thozhi in Tamil) in Pillayar Palayam now Avaniapuram. When She was leaving the place after wedding with Lord Sundareswara, the Thozhis requested Her to stay there in Her wedding form and bless them. The Nandhi in Mother Balameenambica shrine facing south is turning towards the Lord. Lord Balasubramania is turning left with His peacock vahan. These turning postures are considered a different feature in the temple.

Website : www.melurkalyanasundareswarartemple.tnhrce.in